The Guitar Dealer's Guide to Shipping Insurance

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In-depth Risk Analysis
Best Shipping Service Levels To Use
Advantages of Third Party Shipping Insurance vs. Carrier Insurance

About the Author

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Michael Maguire
Sales & Marketing Executive, Cabrella

Michael Maguire is a published writer, holds an MBA from Michigan State University, and would never think about shipping his 1973 Sunburst Les Paul Deluxe without insurance.

Content Sneak-Peek

Chapter 1.1 What Is Shipping Insurance?
Chapter 1.5 Shipping Insurance Levels
Chapter 2.1 Filing and Collecting a Claim
Chapter 2.3 Software and Dashboards
Chapter 2.4 International Reach
Chapter 2.5 Cost & Value Limits
Chapter 2.7 More than Guitars
Chapter 2.8 Competitive Advantage