Did You Know?

Many jewelers don’t realize that the policy valuation clause on a jeweler’s block policy is usually based on cost of a product sold. Let's say a ring cost you $5,000 and you sell that ring for $10,000. If the ring is lost in transit, you will receive $5,000 from insurance based on cost valuation and not the $10,000 you originally sold the ring for.


With a $2,500 deductible, instead of making back $5,000, the loss will only pay out $2,500.  This doesn't even factor in all the time and effort put into the process.


With Cabrella, the policy pays claims based on invoice value without deductibles. The same package described above, if insured with Cabrella, would have a $10,000 settlement


Use Cabrella
To Expand Your Jeweler's Block Policy

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Cabrella Features
You Are Going To Love.

Cabrella includes API integration with any carrier to provide not only incredible shipping insurance rates but also user friendly software. 

What the software does for you:

  • Real-Time Package Tracking
  • Easy & Fast Claims Digitally
  • Dashboard Lists All Relevant Data 
  • Digitally Request A Hard Copy of Certificate of Insurance 

Cost Savings

Save by shipping at service levels that are unavailable with block insurance or via envelope rather than parcel (varies from case to case).  We've helped companies save up to 90% on insurance!


Expanding Limitations

Cabrella covers up to $150,000 per shipment. Our policies and technology allow you to ship to more regions.  Our software even conducts risk analysis within the areas you are looking to ship to. 



Automation is used in risk analysis, loss ratio calculation, and in filing claims, reducing your time spent on tedious insurance processes. Real-time notifications are provided so you know exactly where and when your jewels are delivered. 


This is a simple to use platform that requires little to no learning curve.

"Ease of use and time required are the most appealing features of this software. Me and my assistant were able to get up and running in less than a minute. I also spend considerably less time insuring packages than I did with my prior carrier."

Tony D., Cabrella Customer